Krishi Vikas Paryawaran Sansthan
From December 30, 2000 national sahara of Indian Government Imagined by Rural Employment plan for the safety of national agriculture development and environment, educated unemployed Man/Women is being organised. The main aim of this plan is specially to provide the job to educated unemployed living inrural areas andd to improve this life style by making them self dependent.

All indians know the more then 1 crore population are educated unemployed in India and they do not want to be unsuccessful it the modern and scientific age wanting to get success always leep dwiling is their heart. They have dream that they should have money, wealth, luxerious bungalow, car and all the accommodation etc. should be available of happiness but reality is this that they do not want to achieve these all accommodation without hard work that is impossible above all accomodation can not be achieved without any industries employment job.

Today every Indian takes oxygen Rs. 4800/- in 24 hours and do not plant a single plant while plant gives the oxygen of rupees 1.5 lakh attleast in 10 years. 75% population of country are earning their livings on the basis of agriculture related income but they have to face the problems of unstable agriculture and fluctuate income.

To the permanent advantage to make financial situation strong "Agriculture Development and Environment Institution has started the program since september 1, 2005 to the educated unemployed people.


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